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Anh, I sent you my application so time ago.  Please forward to Marc.
 Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at att.net
(408) 227-4163
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Hello Coaches,
I am the new Coaches Director for SSJYSL, I want to remind you that the Coaches 
applications are DUE TONIGHT!!!!
See the link below to complete them: http://www.ssjysl.org/forms_coachapp.shtml
Currently I have no Head Coach applications for the following Comp teams:
Age Girls Comp   Age Boys Comp 
U10 SSJ Arsenal   U11 SSJ Arsenal Red 
U13 SSJ Aftershocks   U12 SSJ Arsenal 
U14 SSJ Electric Blue Attitude   U12 SSJ FC Dragons 
U14 SSJ FC Force   U12 SSJ Los Rayados 
U15 SSJ Heat   U14 SSJ Indios 
U15 SSJ Panthers   U14 SSJ Jayhawks 
U16 SSJ Extreme 95   U15 SSJ Atletico United 
U17 SSJ Hurricanes   U16 SSJ Adi 
     U16 SSJ Elite SC Independent 
If you do not plan on coaching your team next season or plan to play NorCal 
instead of CYSA please email me directly to let me know.
I look forward to working with you this year!

Thank you,
Marc McIsaac
SSJYSL Coaches Director


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Nov 15

Hello Coaches,
Application for Fall 2012 is due on Nov. 15.  Please see email below.
Thank you.
Best Regards,

Anh Nguyen  

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Subject: [SSJ-Coaches] ACTION REQUESTED - Fall 2012 Competitive Coach 
Application U9-U14

Hello Coaches,
It is that time of the year again and we begin to accept coaches application 
for Competitive Soccer, Age Groups U9 to U14, Fall 2012.  If you are new to 
competitive soccer and would like to coach a competitive team U9 to U14 in Fall 
2012, we invite you to fill out an application at the link below.  If you coach 
in 2011, and would like to continue, please also fill out an application.  
Please see the attached, tentative calendar for coaches evaluation, approval, 
and tryout information .  
Coach Application Link:   http://www.ssjysl.org/forms_coachapp.shtml
The deadline for the application is November 15, 2011.  This is so that we can 
have the first league tryout on Dec. 3.
Thank you for helping us with this process and if you have any questions, please 
contact me.
Best Regards,

Anh Nguyen  
SSJYSL Competitive Director &
CCSL Representative
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