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Hi Coaches,
I am working on finalizing the booths for this years Opening Day event.  I am including a list of teams and items/offerings that were requested.  Please review the information shown and send me any updates by 9/3.  If you have not signed up for a booth and wish to do so, please contact me no later than 9/3.  We will be penalizing teams that offer something other than what has been approved so please be sure that what is listed below is actually what you will be offering.  I will send out more details on set up, tear down, penalities, etc. next week.

Booth Items


BU12 FC Dragons
Jorge Prado
Pizza, Mexican Fruit Cocktail, Soda/Water

GU11 Shockwave
Jeff Semone
Hot Dogs, Rootbeer Floats, Water

GU17 Hurricanes
Anh Nguyen
Nachos, Soda/Water

GU12 Fusion
Christine Fedrow
Sno Cones

BU14 Indios
Francisco Lopez

BU10 Force
Marc McIsaac/Bonnie Murphy-Smith
Donuts, Popsicles, Face Painting

BU11 Arsenal Red
Martin Thurmann
BBQ Shrimp Skewers

GU10 Jaguars
Jessica Lopez
Hamburgers, Chips, Drinks, Ice Cream Cones

BU11 Moctezuma
Miguel Lopez
Baked Goods, Corn on the Cob, Drinks

Arsenal ?
Steve Ehrsam

Arsenal ?
Steve Ehrsam
Radar Soccer Ball Speed

Arsenal ?
Steve Ehrsam
Hair Painting

Arsenal ?
Steve Ehrsam
Soccer Obstacle Course

GU15 Heat
Fawni Tornel
50/50 Cash Raffle

Tracy Williams
Communications, Activities and Promotions Director
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