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Hello!! I am looking forward to hosting the annual Halloween Tournament October 29th & 30th.   This will be my 3rd year as the Tournament Director; I am motivated to make this an unforgettable event.  I have enjoyed providing you with a variety of tournaments over the past years and look forward to the continued growth.  I would like to invite your team to apply for this year’s tournament.  The past tournaments have been a great success and widely attended.  Last year we had over 60 teams participating.  My goal for this year is to get more teams to join in and take part of this wonderful event. 
This tournament was designed to give teams throughout the valley the chance to compete with each other; it is open to any team wishing to play.  It’s fun filled for the players and the fans with first class competition from teams all over our great valley.  If you’ve been here once, please join us again.  If you haven’t participated in our tournament, I would like to encourage you to do so.  I am taking every effort in making sure all teams have a great time and enjoy our great tournament.
This year I would also like to introduce a Uniform Costume Contest.  The rules are simple; players may wear any type of uniform as long as the t-shirt is the same color with their number on the back.  Aside from that I encourage the teams to be as creative as possible.
Edgar Mondragon (Tournament Director)
Hosted By:   Fresno Monarch (Fresno Metro)
Tournament Location:  1707 W Jensen Ave Fresno CA 93706
Dates:   October 29th & 30th
Setting:  Outdoor   
Ages:  U12-U19
Level: Division 3
Gender:   Boys & Girls
Cost:  $425 (F.M.Y.S.L)
Deadline:  September 29, 2011 
Application:   www.fresnomonarchs.comor cysanorth.org (CYSA Tournament Application)
Mail To:   162 N. College Ave. Fresno, CA, 93701 
Contact:  Edgar Mondragon
            (559) 367-2262 Mobile
            F.C. Diablos (Coach/Club Director) www.fresnodiablos.com
            Fresno Halloween Tournament (Tournament Director) www.fresnomonarchs.com
            McLane High School (Varsity Coach)
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