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Sat Sep 10 19:23:47 PDT 2011

The game is scheduled to start at 10:00AM. Try to be there by 9:30AM to setup the field and warm up.
I will officiate the game (center) along with my two sons as ARs (both are licensed)
I have 13 names listed under each team. I basically took the first 13 who signed up and made a team then the last 13 for the other team. 
I strongly recommend each coach bring both a light colored and a dark colored shirts in case we have to switch some players around.
It would be nice if few of you bring size 5 balls to use for warm up and for the game.
Each half will be for 25 minutes. I recommend having 9 players of each team on the field with the rest being subs.
Tomorrow's game is meant to be a FUN game and an INSPIRATION for the kids who will get to watch their coaches play soccer. Let us role model good sportsmanship. DO NOT ARGUE with any other player and especially the referees. Furthermore, do not attempt to humiliate any participants who might not have good soccer skills. Bottom line: Do NOT take the game too seriously -- just have FUN FUN FUN.
Team "A"  -- Light colored shirts (white, light gray)
Beth Wicklander  U6 Cheetahs
Jerry Taylor BU8 Dynamites
Dave Hendricks BU10 Landsharks
Rick Hanley BU10 Landsharks
Brian Gurney GU8 Arsenal Blue Panthers
Jim Olson GU8 Arsenal Blue Panthers
Bruce Pickett GU12 Eclipse
Robert Ballinger GU12 Eclipse
Nathan Adams BU8 Untouchables
Miguel Lopez BU11 Moctezuma
Francisco Lopez Indios
Raul indios Indios
Cornel indios Indios
Team "B" -- Dark colored shirts (any dark color will do except for yellow and avoid medium colored gray)
Jorge Prado BU12 dragons
Jeff Redclift  BU12 dragons      
 Amy Venegas GU14 soccer ninjas
Tim Kehl GU14 Soccer Ninjas
Rich Sieber GU12 Thundercats
Gary  White
Coach Darrick
Javier Urizar
Gina Marie Urizar
Raul Tornel
Kingsley Egorerua U6 Untouchables
Freddie Rodriguez

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