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Tue Apr 24 13:52:05 PDT 2012

Hi Coaches, 

The league is  extremely dissapointed in the lack of responsiblity of our coaches and parents  this season. Multiple fields have been left a mess over the past few weekends. Many teams have not done the set up, field lining or  field clean up duties  for their fields. 

1.  Goals and corner flags are being left out after the last game 

2.  teams are not showing up in time to set up the fields properly for the morning games. 

3. Garbage cans have not been emptied    

4. Trash has been left all over the team and parent sidelines at numerous fields. 

Set Up and Clean up is clearly marked on your SSJYSL.org web page schedule, if you have a question on the responsibilities please ask. 

We are considering penalties for teams that do not follow through on their field responsibilities. Please ensure we dont need to do this. 


Marc McIsaac
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