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This message is being distributed to Team Contacts, Coaches, Managers, Club Administrators, DOC, League Assignors, League Representatives, Referee Assignors.

If you have questions regarding Game Day Instructions, your reply on this email will go to Tamra Corral, Coast Section Director.

Fall season begins tomorrow!  Please find some very useful procedural information below.  The content provided in this email will be available in PDF format next week on the http://www.calnorth.org/ website under CCSL Documents.
1.  Confirm game time/location on GotSoccer at http://events.gotsport.com/events/default.aspx?EventID=25900.
2.  Confirm game time/location with your opponent (5 days in advance).
3.  Confirm 3 officials for the match.
4.  Print two copies of the match card (aka match report or game report).
5.  Enter the correct score into GotSoccer with 24 hours of match completion. 
1.  Confirm game time/location on gotsoccer.com.
2.  Confirm game time/location with your opponent.
3.  Confirm match score was entered correctly by the home team.  If it is incorrect, contact Coast Section Director, Tamra Corral at tamraecorral at gmail.com.  
1.  All teams shall comply with CCSL Rules:  http://www.calsoccerleague.org/rules.php.
2.  All teams shall bring the following to each CCSL match:
     a.  Current laminated player and team official passes.
     b.  Original signed CYSA Membership Form (Form 1601) for each player. 
     c.  The official Cal North team roster (Goldenrod).
     d.  The CYSA Membership Form (Form 1601) and player pass for any guest players.
     e.  Player and coach passes shall be provided to the referee.
     f.  In case of Send-Off, a stamped and address envelop to the CCSL Coast and Bay Send-Off Coordinator (see  Send-Off Instructions): 
Tom Dunlap
CCSL Bay & Coast Divisions
15941 Linda Avenue
Both home and away teams should print 2 copies the match cards.  The home team must provide the Center Referee ONE copy of the match card (note: this is a change from the original instructions).  Away team should print a copy in case of last minute roster changes.  
Use regular 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (you do not need special card stock).  All necessary information should be automatically extracted from the two teams' Gotsoccer accounts.
1.  Login to your GotSoccer TEAM ACCOUNT.
2.  Click EVENTS » CCSL-Coast Section/Bay Region » SCHEDULE.
3.  Your team's matches that have been assigned a field and time will be displayed.
4.  Your team's matches that have not been assigned a field and time will not be displayed (if the field and time are not displayed, contact your Club Scheduler).
5.  Click on the small Acrobat PDF Match Card icon at the beginning of each match line to view and print the Match Card for that match.
6.  The Match Card should print with the rosters for both teams.
7.   Guest players should be handwritten on the match card; be sure the roster has the guest player's jersey number, CYSA number and full legal name.
8.   Both teams should bring the match card to ensure the rosters are accurate.
9.   The HOME team is responsible for handing the match card to the Center Referee.  
10.  At the completion of the game, the HOME and AWAY team officials sign the match cards, the Center Referee also signs the match card.  
11.  Both Teams are responsible for keeping a copy of the match card until a week after the season ends in case of discrepancy.
In order to enter a score you will need at minimum, the ability to scan a QR Code (see below), OR:
1.  The event ID number.
2.  The event PIN.
3.  The game Number.
4.  Which team was the Home team and the Away team.
This information is all printed on the Match Card of the game you are reporting a score for.  You do not need to log into your team account to report a score. 
There are four ways to enter a score in the GotSoccer system:

Detailed instructions may be found on the Send-Off Procedureslink listed under CCSL at the calnorth.org website.
Cal North Guest Player Policy:
Guest players may be used per the Cal North Guest Player Policy (PIM 09-3) with exceptions stated below.  PIM 09-3 includes these provisions:
1.  The Guest player must be rostered on a team within the same registration league as the team on which the player will be guesting.
2.  The soccer age of the guest player must be the same soccer age or younger than the age group of the team on which the player will be guesting. 
3.  The credentials for the guest player must be from the same season as those being used by the team on which the player will be guesting.
4.  The coach of the borrowing team must have in his/her possession the player's approved member pass and the current Cal North Membership Form (Form 1601) for the guest player with the medical release and the hold harmless section signed in original ink by the parent or guardian or by the guest player if the player has reached eighteen (18) years of age.
CCSL Specific Guest Rules:
1.  The maximum number of guest players allowed is three (3) per match.
2.  A player may be on a Match Report (including guest play) for a maximum of two matches per day.
3.  Players on the roster of a U10 and younger team may guest play on any team in any Division at their soccer age or older.
4.  Players on the roster of a U11 and older team may guest play at the same Division or higher (e.g. a player rostered on a bronze team may guest play on any bronze or higher team at the player's soccer age or older).
Age Group Match Day Roster (including guests)
8v8 teams
U9-U11, 14 Players
11v11 teams
U12-U15, 18 Players   
U16-U19, 18 Players
Age Group          Match Length                 Ball Size   
U9-10                  2-25 minute halves            4  
U11-U12              2-30 minute halves            4  
U13-U14              2-35 minute halves            5  
U15-U16              2-40 minute halves            5  
U17-U19              2-45 minute halves            5 

Wishing everyone a successful, fun-filled soccer season!

Winnie Chiu
CCSL Communications Director
CCSLCommunications at calnorth.org
1.  Using a smart phone - (This is the fastest way). Go to www.gotsport.com/m  and look for the SCORING link.
2.  Using the QR Code at the top right of the game card.
3.  Your personal computer.   Go to www.gotsport.com/m and look for the SCORING link.
4.  Calling in a phone - (We have limited phone service, if you cannot get through please enter the score using a smart phone or your computer).  Call the "Phone-In Scores" number listed on the match card. 
Los Gatos, CA 95032
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