[SSJ-Coaches] New players playing up-presentations

Marc Mcisaac marc.mcisaac at comcast.net
Mon Feb 6 23:09:44 PST 2012

Hello Coaches,
This email is meant to notify any and all coaches that would like to add a new younger than age pure player to their Spring roster of the current process for board approval. 

The Board is Meeting Monday February 13 2012 at 7pm at the La Colina Club House. During this meeting the board will hear from all parents and coaches of players asking to play up an age group. The coach is required to do the following prior to the board ruling on each case:

The coach must notify the board 72 hours prior to the meeting via email of each new player they wish to have play up. Including (name, birth date, valid reason for playing up)

The coach should obtain approval from the coaches in that age pure group the player is leaving. An email is sufficient proof of their approval. 

A valid reason the player should play up is required. 
Example: no current team for that player in their age group. 

Please note that the board will judge each case separately and you will be contacted by the board within 48 hours of the meeting of our decision. 


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