[SSJ-Coaches] League updates, looking for a Vice President

Claudio Fleiner (SSJYSL) president at ssjysl.org
Tue Feb 14 23:54:06 PST 2012

Hello Coaches,

Some updates:

 1. Deadline for CCSL: please contact Sandra Todd toddsandra at yahoo.com 
    if you need an extension:
    "The Feb 15th deadline is currently seriously impacting high school
    aged teams who are just now able to start tryouts.  I will extend
    the early bird (ie no late fee) date until Feb 19th for all teams.
     I have been contacted by several teams who do not have
    rosters finalized and if you have a team in that situation please
    have them contact me.  We can make special arrangements of having
    them apply, then if their roster does not come together they can be
    withdrawn by their registrar during verification without penalty. "

 2. If you can no longer see your team's tryouts on the front page of
    our website, or your success then you need to update your parents
    email list for your team. Any team without a parents email list will
    also not be able to get any game or scrimmages scheduled, so please
    make sure to update your parents email  list before the scheduling
    of games starts.

 3. If you signed up with a different name on the CCSL website than what
    your team name says on our website please update our website before
    games get scheduled, chances are you will confuse the field
    scheduler and not get the home games you need.

 4. Jeff Semone resigned as president, and for now I get to fill that
    position. However, this means that we are looking for a Vice
    President. This is an important position, and we need to fill it
    soon. If you are interested, or know anyone please contact me (or
    anyone else from the board). The constitution describes it as follows:

    VICE PRESIDENT: In the absence of the President, the Vice President
    shall preside at meetings of the Board of Directors, attend District
    meetings and will be the League Representative at District and CYSA
    functions. He/she shall be the Board Coordinator for the operation
    of all committees. He /she will be Chairperson of the Protest,
    Appeals and Discipline (PAD) Committee. He/she shall call together a
    special Board or Committee Meeting to deal with
    petitions/disciplinary action within 14 days of receipt. He/she
    shall provide guidance for the League's Tournament Directors. He
    /she will be Chairperson of the Budget Committee. He/she will
    organize/plan the League's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Thanks, Claudio

Claudio Fleiner, President, South San Jose Youth Soccer League

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