[SSJ-Coaches] Removing teams from our website

Claudio Fleiner (SSJYSL Web) vp at ssjysl.org
Sun Jan 8 12:21:45 PST 2012

Hello Coaches,

As far as I know the following teams no longer will play with SSJ and
will be removed from the website (the age groups listed are for Spring):

- U9 Girls, SSJ Arsenal, Carrie Newton
- U9 Boys, SSJ Arsenal, Ben Fiscali
- U9 Boys, SSJ Arsenal, Jim Millan
- U10 Boys, SSJ Arsenal, Steve Ehrsam
- U11 Boys, SSJ Club America, Steve Lum
- U12 Boys, Los Rayados, Denis, Montejano

New Teams (websites are up):
- U8 Girls, SSJ Arsenal  Lisa Higdon
- U8 Girls, SSJ Arsenal, Heath Piper
- U9 Girls, SSJ Arsenal, Lisa Higdon
- U8 Boys, SSJ..  Scott Krone
- U9 Boys, SSJ Arsenal, Steve Ehrsam
- U9 Boys, SSJ Untouchables, Cal Smith

Cheers, Claudio

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