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There has seemed to be a problem with the uniform ordering website and some of you have not been given all the information to order your teams uniforms. I am hoping that this website will have this corrected this week and everyone will be able to log on and order your teams uniforms. I can see some teams have registered your teams. 

Even if you do not plan on purchasing new uniforms this season I need you to register your players. This will allow Asby's to know how many uniforms they need to bring into stock now and in the future and will also allow your team to order miscellaneous items such as warm up gear, back packs, socks, etc.

I will keep you all posted with any updates.

Thanks for your patience,

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The website to order the uniforms is https://www.tuosystems.com/login  .You should of received the login and password info from them.

If you are receiving these emails and are not coaching anymore and would like to be removed please edit your page on the ssjysl website.

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