[SSJ-Coaches] F License Course February 3-4

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Hello Coaches, We still have plenty of space left for this course, please sign up now and let your assistants know as well: 

F License Course: 

Los Paseos Club House 

(7047 Via Ramada, San Jose, CA 95139) 

Feb. 3 @ 6:30PM - Bring a pen 


Feb. 4 at Oakridge Elementary (TBD-Morning) 
-on field participation is required 

-cleats & shin guards are a plus but not required 




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Hello coaches, 

I am happy to announce our first coaching course of the season, the F course will be February 3-4, it is Friday evening and Saturday, it is required that all Comp head and assistant coaches have a minimum of the F license. 


Rec coaches should all have their F license as well, it starts you off in the right direction and will help give you a great base for running a successful practice. 


More info to come, please email me if you plan to attend and hold the date, it is coming soon!!! 



Marc McIsaac 

Coaching Director 
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