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Hello Coaches,
You should have already received the email below.  Please review the brackets as soon as you can and direct your comments to the contacts stated in the instructions.  Please copy me so I can support your requests.

Anh Nguyen  
SSJYSL Coast League Rep.

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Subject: Welcome to CCSL Fall 2012

Dear District II Teams,

WELCOME to the fall 2012 season.  We are very excited about the quality and quantity of teams playing CCSL.  You are receiving this email because you are listed as the contact for a District II team registered for CCSL for fall 2012 on the Gotsoccer website.

We've had some changes in CCSL that we hope will lead to a better system of communication for teams, but know change creates its own challenges.  We have made significant improvements to the Premier format, which has slowed the s eeding of the brackets below Premier, and for that we apologize, but we believe the newly formatted Premier and Open Premier brackets will provide a superb level of competition for these elite teams.

Preliminary brackets are posted here: 

Coast and Bay: 
BU10, BU12, BU13, GU9, GU14, GU16 and GU17 are not yet final but should be in the next 24 hours.
Full Premier:http://www.gotsport.com/asp/directors/tournament/vieweventteamscleanb.asp?eventid=26129
Open Premier: http://www.gotsport.com/asp/directors/tournament/vieweventteamscleanb.asp?eventid=26456 

Your first task is to double che ck that your team appears in the correct age and gender for fall 2012 and only appears ONCE.  If anything is NOT correct, email: d2ccsl at calnorth.org and coastseeding at calnorth.org

CCSL seeding and scheduling procedures are available here http://www.calnorth.org/ccsl/rules/.  
Please read this information as it explains promotion and relegation and the challenge process.  The other documents are playing rules and by-laws.

Phase One:  Comment Period
The comment period gives teams an opportunity to provide feedback to the Age Group Coordinator (AGC) who seeded the bracket.  The brackets will change due to feedback so you should check them frequently.
How to provide feedback and comments:
email: gender/age/seeder at calnorth.org (GU10seeder at calnorth.org) 
copy: coastseeding at calnorth.org
provide concise and correct information with links to appropriate results.  Let the AGC know the reason for the requested change (new players, loss of players, etc).  Please don't wait until the last moment to provide feedback
Deadline: 9pm, Saturday, July 21, 2012

Phase Two: Brackets Final
For Copper, Bronze and Silver teams in Coast section, the "Brackets Final" phase is the end of the process, and we will move on to scheduling.
Deadline for Bay Silver Elite, Bay Gold and Premier:  Monday, July 23, 2012
Deadline for Coast Copper, Bronze and Silver: Friday, July 27, 2012

Phase Three: Challe nge Process for teams wishing to play Bay Silver Elite, Bay Gold and Premier
Teams that believe they deserve placement in a different division provide a "challenge" to a specific team they wish to replace.
NOTE: this is a very short window for feedback!
email: gender/age/seeder at calnorth.org (GU10seeder at calnorth.org) 
copy: ccsldirector at calnorth.org
copy: D2ccsl at calnorth.org 
subject: challenge by: complete name of challenging team (club name, team name, gender and age)
body: a concise presentation of specific information that qualifies your team to challenge the other team (for example, head-to-head results in Cup competition). You must challenge a specific team in the bracket you want to join and provide a link to the specific results that validate your request .
Deadline: 9pm, Wednesday, July 25, 2012 for all challenges

The team being challenged will be informed within 24 hours, and they may counter challenge another team in the bracket.  The counter-challenged team will be informed in order to defend the challenge but may not further counter-challenge.  All teams involved in a challenge and counter challenge must follow CCSL Procedures.
Deadline: 9pm, Friday, July 27, 2012 for submission of all challenge responses and counter-challenges.

The AGCs will present the final recommendations to the CCSL Executive Committee for vote and the final brackets will be posted by July 30, 2012. 

What's next?
The next phase is the creation of schedules.  We will be sending further information to you about the blackout dates and other scheduling information in the next few days and once again, the deadlines are rathe r short, so please check your email frequently!

Thanks again for your support of youth soccer; the CCSL volunteers appreciate the countless hours of work you put in on behalf of the players!

Nancy Ditz and Tony Porta, CCSL District II Representatives
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