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Marc Mcisaac marc.mcisaac at comcast.net
Mon Jun 4 19:37:21 PDT 2012

>> All - Please see attached presentation on the new CCSL Premier division and format.  We are very excited about the new format.  Please route to your teams.  Registration for this new Early Fall league will open on Monday, just want to make sure your teams have a heads up before making their final fall decisions.
> Goals: 
> create a league where all of the top teams participate - CCSL, ECNL, RAL, NorCal Premier, Development Academies, FWRL, WCDA, etc.  
> all of the best teams play Cal North State Cup and represent us at USYS Regionals.  
> The CCSL Premier Division is a great solution:
> An early fall league (mid-August to mid-September) in conjunction with CCSL Premier.  
> "Early-Fall" bracket of 5-6 teams will play the Full-Fall bracket of 5-6 teams (a total of 4-5 games, cross-bracket only).
> CCSL Full-Fall League teams will continue with an additional 5-6 games and Early-Fall-only teams will continue with their fall league (RAL, ECNL, NorCal Premier, DA, etc)
> Any Premier-level team affiliated with a CYSA League can apply (goal: to have the top 10-12 teams from Northern California playing one another and qualifying for the USYS National Championship Series)
> CCSL will endeavor to avoid schedule conflicts with ECNL, RAL, FWRL, NorCal Premier and fall HS season
> All participating teams qualify for CYSA State Cup and the broader USYS National Championship
> Registration for Full-Fall CCSL Premier is OPEN NOW.  
> Registration for Early-Fall CCSL Premier will open on June 5th.  
> We will send a reminder email with application instructions; your players and team will need to be registered with CYSA so you may want to begin that process with your club/league registrar.
> The proliferation of leagues has fragmented Northern California competitive soccer, particularly at the highest level.  Our intention is to get the best teams in Northern California to play in a single league.  We recognize your team may have a preferred primary fall league, but let's all pull together and play in the CCSL Early-Fall Premier - everyone benefits with great competition, local games, State Cup eligibility and minimized conflict with other leagues.
> Thanks, Rodney
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