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*/Cal/**/ North Announces New Open Premier Division for CCSL 2012 Fall

June 6, 2012 Pleasanton, CA --The California Youth Soccer Association --
Cal North, the largest state soccer association in the country, is
excited to announce the new CCSL Open Premier Division of their CCSL
competitive playing league. This newly created division is scheduled for
early fall (mid-August) to allow the /_ALL_/ elite teams from Northern
California a local forum to compete against other elite teams.
Regardless of which elite playing league teams currently compete in, the
new open division's goal is to eliminate scheduling conflicts. 


Cal North CCSL Director Bruce Sillars encourages all premier level
coaches to take advantage of this resource provided by Cal North. "With
the development of new playing opportunities in Northern California,
elite teams now have several choices for a primary fall season. Cal
North and CCSL are excited to announce the formation of an early fall
Premier season that will get the top U14 through U19 teams in Northern
California playing together again regardless of their primary fall
season choices. The League will provide for top quality local
competition and an opportunity to qualify for Cal North State Cup and
the USYS National Championship Series."

"We are excited to provide this forum allowing local elite-level teams
to compete against similar local teams regardless of their fall playing
league commitment. We see this opportunity expanding to provide these
truly gifted athletes the chance to showcase their talents in front of
college coaches and national level scouts," says Cal North Vice Chairman
Rich Pinnell.  

The CCSL Open Premier Division will offer a 4-6 game season running
mid-August thru Mid-September with the Open Premier Division, teams with
other fall league commitments, playing cross bracket games with the Cal
North CCSL U14 -- U19 Premier Division teams. Cal North Teams
participating in the full CCSL Premier Division will complete their
season mid-September thru early November.

For information regarding league fees, application procedures please
click here
or visit calnorth.org/ccsl

CCSL fall playing league registration closes Friday, June 15, 2012. 




*/About the California Youth Soccer Association-- Cal North/* -- is the
largest state organization within the US Youth Soccer Association. Cal
North registers more than 180,000 players annually, ages 5 to 19, and
over 35,000 administrators, coaches and volunteers in 128 member leagues
of registration. Cal North is dedicated to assisting parents in
developing youth as individuals and not just soccer players in a fun,
safe and healthy environment for players at every level of the game. For
more information, visit www.cysanorth.org


*/About Cal North - Cal Soccer League/* */CCSL/*- Formed in 2010, the
Cal North - Cal Soccer League (CCSL) developed a path of advancement for
the top teams in Cal North. In addition to meaningful matches,
development and identification, the league created a direct path for top
soccer teams in Northern California to play at the highest possible
level week in week out. We firmly believe this will become a magnet for
college coaches and scouts throughout the country. The Cal North- Cal
Soccer League (CCSL) is the only league that offers over 1,900 teams the
opportunity to play in a statewide league top-level premier division if
that team so desires, or the option to play locally. The league is open
to all competitive soccer teams aged U9 --U19. Learn more at

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