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Sun Jun 10 13:12:53 PDT 2012


This is the final days to register for fall soccer.  The deadline to register on calnorthsoccer.org is June 15th.

The following teams have completed their registration online at calnorth.org and will be playing in the fall:

Adi Bu16
Untouchables Bu10
United Bu12
Atletico Bu13

Jaguars Gu11
Earthquakes Gu12
Thundercats Gu13
Panthers Gu16
Hurricanes Gu18

Please take 5 minutes and get this done otherwise you won't be playing fall soccer.  The voucher number you will be using
when registering is ssj12PMGQWH.

Please get this done asap as I don't want to babysit each team to make sure they are registered.

Thanks very much.

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