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Hey Coaches, 

I want to send this info out to any team looking for a trainer or a coach to work with their team...Bhav has provided a strong trainer for my girls team, the SSJ Fusion, to help us prepare for our trip to AZ and the Far West Regionals this month. The trainer has been awesome, I highly recommend you reach out to Bhav for any summer training needs and any other training help that your teams may need for fall....see below.... 


....why not try a  free   coaching sessions to see what we deliver ?    West Coast Coaching Team Training and Team Camps 

This program is offered to teams or Individual groups and opportunity to work with a Professional licensed Soccer Coach . While other organizations talk about this types of training programs, we deliver it. We have developed this Program especially for coaches who want us to teach both technical and tactical aspects of the game to their players and want us to develop their range of skills, and give them the knowledge and understanding and decision making skills to read, understand and play the team game more effectively.  

Our Program follows a step by step game related development process, with each topic of instruction flowing from one aspect of the game into another. We also make the understanding of, and reasoning for each area of the game easy for your players to assimilate, retain and to apply as a part of their game.  

We all know there are three types of learners; visual, verbal and a combination of both. With this in mind our Professional Coaching Staff will not only tell your players how to improve and utilize technical skills to make better team tactical decisions but will also show your players physically how to execute them. They will then set up the relevant environments for your players to practice, explore and reinforce their new found technical excellence and tactical knowledge! 

The primary goals in our Team Camp Curriculum are:- 

    • To break down and analyze the game of soccer 
    • To allow a level of understanding not previously experienced 
    • To teach players how to become better tactical decision makers and to “read” the game more effectively 

With our structured curriculum we will teach both offensive and defensive small sided game tactics as well as full sided game tactics. Teams progress quickly and consistently to the next level of understanding and application. 
Please contact us directly if you would like to try a West Coast Coaching trainer ? Why not, nothing ventured, nothing gained !  

Bav Thakrar  
Owner, West Coast Coaching  
Tel 408-513-5968   


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