[SSJ-Coaches] Weekend field use of fields

Eric Simons ricklions at att.net
Sun Mar 4 10:20:15 PST 2012

Coaches that wants to use a field on the weekends need to coordinate with the 
field coordinator of that field.   Priority goes to the team that has contacted 
the field coordinator and has been approved the scheduled field and time.  

Regarding Herman after Sunday March 18th no teams are to be scheduled for the 
use of Herman, after Sunday, March 25th all other games fields can not be 
reserved for scrimmages, practices or tryouts on the weekend.  

The agreements we have with the school district, regarding other activities on 
fields and being we will start to schedule spring league games means the only 
one that can reserve time on the weekends with be the spring league game 
assignor after the dates noted above.
Eric (Rick) Simons
SSJYSL Fields Director
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