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Thanks for sharing your concerns.

Thanks Ref Dir
David Serrano

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The notes from the meeting when this was decided mentions Fall 2012.  Has this 
changed?   No nothing has changed. Classes run March and the month of August 
normally. You should think about your class time schedule. You should start 

Also, is this common practice to bring something up at a Board meeting, have a 
vote and than it's a rule.  Sometimes   Shouldn't this be open to a coaches 
meeting and discussion versus a meeting where only 10 - 11 people attend a board 
meeting and make a decision?  Any issues concerning the league get voted on by 
the board. Coaches, parents or concerned parties are more than welcome to bring 
their opinions to the board meetings.  Communicate with your Comp 
Dir.   Normally there is an agenda item for discussion so there is enough people 
to assist in making the decision. Not a select few.If there was, I never 
received an email as a coach that a decision is going to be made about this and 
you should attend.  

Do coaches make decisions about referee requirements or suggestions?  Yes, but  
only U8 and the upper recreation levels in house rules.  Requesting for ref's. 
 Just curious because it doesn't seem transparent in decision making. The laws 
are handed down from the CCSL league, along with the FIFA laws of the game. I 
have refresher class to inform referee's. I have asked coaches to show at my 
meetings, not one has shown up. I ask for feedback and I do receive a few of 

South San Jose Youth Soccer League
Minutes October 17, 2011 7:00 pm

Referee Director: No new refs (would like to see old comp coaches); we’ve lost 
some old ones and there is no new ones. Question from Jorge: Can we make it 
mandatory that if you coach with basic license that you also get a ref license? 
CYSA rule says that to get your D License, you have to get your ref license as 
well. More discussions followed and Jorge makes a motion that every comp head 
coach, regardless of coaching license, needs to have a ref license within a year 
of coaching, starting with Fall of 2012 season. Motion 2nd by Claudio; voted: 
Yea= 7 No= 1 abstain=3; motion passes.Yours In Soccer,

RJ Castro
SSJ Xtreme 95 U17

(c) 408.836.2249

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>    Didn't mean to scare you all. This was some thing that was voted through for 
>the comp coaches (only).     Putting it out there to fill the class that we are 
>having next week.  I did not not say it had to be done this class.
>I did  mention  this year   &   this season
>Nice to hear the feedback.  I do 2 classes a year as a normal. I can add a 3rd. 
>There are other leagues that also host ref classes.   As long as we have enough 
>people (20) willing to take the class, I would be happy to sign another class 
From: David Serrano <ddddx4 at att.net>
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>Subject: Referee classes
> Hello Coaches,
>     Friendly reminder that the competitive coaches are required to take the 
>referee class this year.
>We are looking for youth Parents Coaches along with players interested in 
>helping the kids and community with a sports activity and responsible people 
>being apart of the program. Reminder that if we can not provide a place for 
>these kids to play, they take them away, or move them further away.
>   The youth Adults are better due to you are already involved with the system, 
>just with your kids being a part of the league. 
>     Comp coaches need to have a current  ref license this season.
>     Love to get new Rec Coaches engaged with the program.
>     Coaches responsibility to inform player parent and siblings of referee 
>You can make good money (refereeing) being part of the system.
>Please see the http://www.ssjysl.org/  web site for sign up.
> Referee Classes Hosted by 
>South San Jose Youth Soccer League 
>March 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 15 2012
>Fees:Referee license fee is $40.00 payable to CNRA and $25.00 for books/class 
>payable to SSJYSL 
>Time:Los Paseo Cabana Club 7047 Via Ramada Drive, San Jose, CA 95139.
>6:00pm to 9:00pm each night. You MUST attend all the dates above. 
>Registration:Class size is limited to 30 students. Drop in registration accepted 
>if there is space available. Pre-Registration is required.  
>Questions:Please email Christine Alves at ssjreferees at sbcglobal.net 
>Refereee Director  SSJYSL
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