[SSJ-Coaches] schedules for upcoming season

Claudio Fleiner scheduler at ssjysl.org
Fri Mar 9 09:22:38 PST 2012

Hello Coaches,

the schedules for the upcoming season will be published shortly. For the
first few days it is possible to move your games from Saturday to Sunday
or vice versa without asking the other team for permission (and assuming
that the other team does not already have a game on that day). If you
have games that you would like to move that way please make sure to let
me know asap (ALWAYS include team name, age group, gender in the subject
of your email and send it to scheduler at ssjysl.org, chances are that
otherwise I will simply not see your email or find it again when I do
the changes).

Please also take care of the following:

  * Make sure your team name on our webpage is the same as the one on
    the CCSL page (makes scheduling much simpler and avoids problems)
  * Note that those teams that still have a read (*) on this page:
    http://www.ssjysl.org/teams.shtml will not have any games scheduled
    unless you add your parents email addresses to your teams webpage
    (we have a very hard time finding volunteers for different jobs we
    need to have done, and at the moment have no way to contact parents).



Please make sure to add team name, age, gender to the subject of any email you send

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