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patrick leinart pat_leinart at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 20:03:44 PDT 2012


The Spring Rec Uniforms have arrived. This is the list of rec teams I have with new players who will be receiving new uniforms. I also have a few comp coaches that are not on this list that I am aware of. I will make up bags this week for each coach as best as possible and set on my porch beginning Saturdaymorning with your team listed on the bag. If you see an error listed below please respond to this email. 

If you have a returning player that is missing their uniform they will need to purchase one separate and I will need to know asap.

My home address is 581 Haley Ct San Jose 95123.

Age Group Coach email New Returning      
B/G U6 Chris Andrews jcandrews310 at yahoo.com 3 6 
B/G U6 Rafael Zambrano pzambrano at sbcglobal.net 10 0 
B/G U6 Stefan Winkel stefan at winkelsnet.com 8 2 
B/G U6 Steve Russler steverussler at yahoo.com 5 5 
B/G U6 Kingsley Egorerua egorerua at gmail.com 1 9 
B/G U6 Lloyd Spears joanspears at ymail.com 4 5 
B/G U6 Cathy Leinart cathy_leinart at yahoo.com 6 3 
B/G U6 Kevin Kauinana kauinana at hotmail.com 4 6 
B/G U6 Nicole Rogerson nicole_aimee at yahoo.com 9 1 
B/G U6 Dan Spencer gosteelers95 at yahoo.com 6 3 
Bu8 Nathan Adams nadamslp at gmail.com 3 9 
Bu8 Wes Slimick wslimick at comcast.net 10 2 
Bu8 Jerry Taylor jstaylorfam at aol.com 5 7 
Bu8 Mike Henry mike at henry2design.com 10 2 
Gu8 Ed Padilla padilla1202 at yahoo.com 3 8 
Gu8 Michelle Stroud jmstroud at sbcglobal.net 7 5 
Gu8 Steve Russler steverussler at yahoo.com 3 8 
Bu10 Dave Hendricks dghendricks at comcast.net 6 7 
Bu10 Dave Bringuel dbringuel at yahoo.com 5 8 
Bu10 Jef Farro pioneersoccer at yahoo.com 8 4 
Bu10 Victor Rodriguez atlas.vr at gmail.com 4 9 
Gu10 Dave Hendricks dghendricks at comcast.net 8 6 
Gu10 Mike Lum lumez1 at aol.com 7 7 
Gu10 NEED COACH  3 3 
Bu12 NEED COACH  11 7 
Gu12 Leland Johnson lfj.914 at gmail.com 9 7 
Bu14 Robert Aguilar pepsirob2000 at yahoo.com 13 17 
Bu14 Robert Aguilar pepsirob2000 at yahoo.com 0 0 
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