[SSJ-Coaches] more ways to influence the schedule: select preferred time for your home games

Claudio Fleiner scheduler at ssjysl.org
Thu Mar 22 09:55:59 PDT 2012

Hello Coaches,

in the last two days I got many requests of the form "please schedule
our game on day x in the afternoon/morning/night".
Having those requests in different emails, and having so many teams with
almost the same name
makes this very hard to keep track off.

Personally I prefer computers to do my work anyway, so as of right now
you will find a new section
on your teams webpage called "preferred game time". On up to three days
you can enter the
preferred time you would like a game scheduled. Please only use this
when there is a real reason,
if everyone wants a morning game I will have to schedule some games on
fields that do
not really qualify as "soccer pitches" :)

So, whether you sent me an email regarding some days when a special time
slot is required or
not, please update your webpage so I can have the computer check that I
scheduled games
as requested.


Please make sure to add team name, age, gender to the subject of any email you send

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