[SSJ-Coaches] Missing Chain and Lock at Oakridge School

Eric Simons ricklions at att.net
Tue Mar 27 12:52:55 PDT 2012

Heath, I have a chain and lock if you are unable to locate them.  

Coaches, you need to insure that you lock the chain and lock to one of the  
goals or to the fence when you use the goals.  Coaches seem to have a habit of 
leaving the lock and chain on the ground unlock and with the numerous children 
in the area it seems that it is easily lost.  

The cost is appropriately $25 every time the league has to replace a lost lock 
and chain.
Do not provide your players with the combinations.  It is your responsibility to 
lock/unlock and insure that the goals are put away. 
Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at att.net
(408) 227-4163
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From: Heath Piper <heath.piper at gmail.com>
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Cc: Eric Simons <ricklions at att.net>
Sent: Tue, March 27, 2012 12:33:24 PM
Subject: Missing Chain and Lock at Oakridge School

Hello David,
The chain and lock are missing on the goals at Oakridge today Tuesday. I'm 
trying to find out who may have it. Did you practice Monday and if so were the 
goals locked up?
Monday  -    Oakridge Pitch 2 East (G) 

Heath Piper408-206-7767 Cellheath.piper at gmail.com
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