[SSJ-Coaches] SSJYSL - Game Fields - Closed = WEDNESDAY

Eric Simons ricklions at att.net
Tue Mar 27 19:45:04 PDT 2012

Those fields used for weekend games (Bernal oval, Stratford, Herman, Oak Ridge 
and Gunderson grass game field) will be closed for practices on Wednesday.  
These same fields may also closed on Thursday if the rain continues.

At Bernal teams may use the upper field if room is available, at Gunderson the 
area not used for the games on Saturdays maybe used for practices if field area 
is available.  Would appreciate those teams assigned try to work with those 
teams relocated because of the closed fields.

Should  I find any teams on game fields tomorrow you will lose your practice 
day.  Lets make sure we limit the damage to OUR grass game fields.
Eric (Rick) Simons
ricklions at att.net
(408) 227-4163
Soccer Line 
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