[SSJ-Coaches] Awards? Medals?

Marc.McIsaac marc.mcisaac at comcast.net
Tue May 22 17:08:30 PDT 2012

Hi Kristina,
I am not aware of any awards or medals, especially for Spring. 
I would ask Mark Dorci to confirm, he has been handling the rec business.


On May 22, 2012, at 4:37 PM, Kristina Clecak <kclecak at ogsd.k12.ca.us> wrote:

> Marc-
> Can you please let us (Stacey and Kristina) be aware of any awards or medals that the kids will be given as the season just ended for our team?
> We are planning an event for our team on Thursday evening but have not heard if anything is done for the players.
> Thanks
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> Subject: [SSJ-Rec] SSJYSL Field responsibility
> Hi Coaches,
> The league is extremely dissapointed in the lack of responsiblity of our coaches and parents this season. Multiple fields have been left a mess over the past few weekends. Many teams have not done the set up, field lining or field clean up duties for their fields.
> 1. Goals and corner flags are being left out after the last game
> 2.  teams are not showing up in time to set up the fields properly for the morning games.
> 3. Garbage cans have not been emptied  
> 4. Trash has been left all over the team and parent sidelines at numerous fields.
> Set Up and Clean up is clearly marked on your SSJYSL.org web page schedule, if you have a question on the responsibilities please ask.
> We are considering penalties for teams that do not follow through on their field responsibilities. Please ensure we dont need to do this.
> Thanks,
> Marc McIsaac
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