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Below are instructions for signing up for CCSL Fall Soccer 2012/13.  PLEASE read all details below and follow the instructions.
If you are unsure about anything please email and ask.  SSJ will be paying for all teams the team fee of 200 or 300.  I will provide you with a voucher
as soon as I get it from CCSL.  Deadline for applying for fall soccer online is JUNE 15.  You will apply on the Got Soccer site.

I will need a registration form, check for fees and a picture emailed to me by June 15th.  Cost for comp players, all ages is $150 + 40 volunteer fee(one per family).

Coaches must complete an online coaches disclosure form.  I will find out where it is on the new site and let you know soon.  If you all do this online, It will 
get your paperwork done faster.

More details to come..  Please keep the attached instructions if you need.



To: CCSL District II Teams
From: Nancy Ditz, CCSL District II Representative
Subject: Team Applications are OPEN
2012 promises to be a GREAT year!

The league is VERY robust and growing, which is excellent news for our teams because the more teams that apply, the less you have to travel to find appropriate competition.   
CCSL responded to your suggestions and made great improvements to the Bracketing Procedures and Playing Rules; our guest rules are simplified and logical, and both teams will know who is a guest in the match and the league is willing and able to verify a guest player's eligibility 
league procedures, playing rules and calendars are available at:  http://www.calnorth.org/ccsl/ccsl/ 
the league will continue prompt, transparent and enforceable "send-off" (red card) and discipline procedures 
Pricing: our team and player pricing, as well as our D2 Cup tournament pricing, is affordable! 
$12.50/player  (US Club is $14-$18/player) with comparable insurance. 
$200/team for 8v8 teams (U9-U11) and $300/team for 11v11 teams; 80% of these fees are reinvested locally in our players. 
beginning in fall 2012, all ODP players will be fully-funded for Regional and National team activities 
our teams that qualify for the USYS Regional and National Championships for State Cup and Presidents Cup will receive significant funding 
Coaching Education courses hosted by your club are funded by District II 
The cost of referee training hosted by your club is funded by District II 
District II continues to pursue developing the largest soccer complex in Northern California

District 2 Cup continues to grow and is an affordable, single-weekend tournament appropriate for all levels of play (Spring Cup early bird pricing was $200 for 8v8, $300 for 11v11) 
Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about innovative changes proposed for the 2012-13 State Cup/Presidents Cup and the CCSL Premier bracket

2012-13 PLAYER REGISTRATION: Your league registrar will provide information on player registration (that system is unchanged).
GOTSOCCER--New Web Platform:
As many of you may be aware, CCSL is moving to a single new web platform, GOTSOCCER.  This is the same platform we use for D2 Cup and was used for CCSL in 2010.  
For LEAGUE OPERATIONS, moving to GOTSOCCER is an adjustment, but we think there are many benefits:

Most of our teams are familiar with this system from D2 Cup, Fall 2010 CCSL Coast and Bay and from other tournaments, where it is the predominant platform. 
Our eligible (U12 and older) teams will receive ranking points for all head-to-head league results going forward. 
D2 Cup seeding will seamlessly integrate the current league standings in the bracketing process. 
CCSL will accept CREDIT CARD payments

COST: $200/8V8 teams (this is a reduction of $50 from fall 2012), $300/11v11 teams.
DEADLINE: June 15, 2012
Team application instructions (very easy):

if you do not know your team's login information, contact your club registrar or president (see note below about "orphan" teams) 
DO NOT create a new team unless instructed to do so by your club registrar 
Click here to access the team application for CCSL fall 2012 
login using your team's existing GOTSOCCER username and password 
use THIS year's team age (GOTSOCCER automatically advances it to 2012-13 at the appropriate time this summer) 
leave the voucher section blank unless instructed otherwise by your league or club registrar 
select your club 
choose your requested level of play (promotion and relegation rules apply; the bracketing process is straightforward and explained in the documents on the CCSL website) 
enter any ODP players 
continue to next page 
choose your registration league (don't know?  ask your club registrar) 
enter your Cal North (CYSA) team ID number as provided by your registrar.  This will begin with 02- (for District 2).  It is on your goldenrod and player passes.  New teams enter "new" 
be accurate and complete when entering the rest of the information for bracketing; include anything that will help the seeders (called AGCs for age group commissioners) place your team in the right bracket 
complete and update the contact information including AT LEAST TWO INDEPENDENT CONTACTS with different phone and email addresses.  This is how CCSL will communicate with you! 
continue to next page 
enter any relevant tournament or league information 
continue to the payment page.   
You may pay by check or credit card but payment must be received in order for teams to be bracketed.  Print your confirmation page. 
If you choose to pay by check, please make sure to write your team ID number on the check and include a copy of the confirmation email that you receive after you complete your application and mail it with the check to the Cal North office (address available on the application). 
Refunds will be allowed until the date specified on the CCSL site (approximately July 6).   
You can track the "teams applied" on the event website:  http://www.calnorth.org/ccsl/league_play/fall_2012_team_applications/ 
We will provide further instructions about entering and changing your roster (and other important information) in a few weeks 
I have attached a document that may answer other questions.

If you have questions, please read the attached document, contact your Club President, CCSL Rep or Registrar.  If your question isn't answered, then feel free to contact me.
Wishing you all the best,  
Nancy Ditz
CCSL D2 Representative
n.ditz at earthlink.net
in GOTSOCCER, it is possible for teams to create individual accounts not affiliated with the club (which I term "orphans").  Someone on the team enters a tournament, and, not having access to the team's account, creates a new one.  Unfortunately, this account will also create a team history and we (CCSL/the team/the club) doesn't want to lose that data.  There are instructions attached for "pulling in" an existing team account; this requires that you obtain the team's username and password but after that it is easy (one step and no cost!).  Suggestion: check with your teams if they have an individual GOTSOCCER account before creating a new one; GOTSOCCER can merge team accounts after the fact, but there is a $25 charge to do so. 

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