[SSJ-Coaches] Registration for Futsal San Jose Winter Season 2012/2013 will close in about 24h!

Claudio Fleiner (Teams Director, FutsalJS) teams at futsalsj.org
Mon Nov 19 11:48:21 PST 2012

Hello Coaches,

I've got several emails regarding USFF registration, etc. Please give us
about 48h to handle that, we need to finalize the number of teams first.

If you want to register your team, or add an additional team or you know
of a team that wants to sign up make sure that the coach/manager fills
out the online registration for no later than tomorrow, Tuesday,
afternoon. The plan is to close registration Tuesday early evening.

Also, whoever signs up make sure to read your emails over the
Thanksgiving Holiday at least once per day (if your team is already
listed on the teams page make sure to add at least one team official
that can handle those emails).

Thanks everyone,


Claudio Fleiner, Teams Director, Futsal San Jose

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