[SSJ-Coaches] upcoming AGM, open board positions

Claudio Fleiner (SSJYSL) president at ssjysl.org
Mon Oct 22 14:12:16 PDT 2012

Hello Coaches,

one of the main agenda points for the AGM is the election of board
positions. There will be an election process for every single position,
but two in particular are critical as there is currently no candidate
for them as far as I know:


    (Unfortunately I will not have the time to continue as the president)
    If you are interested in shaping the future of our league, interact
    closely with other leagues in the district and the district itself,
    then this is the position for you! You also get to run the monthly
    board meetings and attend the district two meetings (also monthly).
    If you are interested and would like some more information feel free
    to contact me.
    The official description from our by-laws:

        PRESIDENT: Shall conduct all meetings of the Board of Directors and
        may cast a vote only in the case of a tie. He/she shall appoint
        at the
        beginning of each season, subject to the approval of the Board
        of Directors,
        the Standing Committee and/or the Committee Chairperson, and other
        Members-at-large as needed. He/she must live within the League
        boundaries. He/she will be responsible for the day-to-day
        operation of and
        shall coordinate the activity of the League. He/she may sign any
        CYSA/USYS/USSF forms and will be the League Representative at
        and CYSA functions. The President has authority to spend up to
        per expenditure without board approval, subject to a $1000.00
        ceiling per


        (Alejandra will be stepping down as Secretary)

        SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all
        meetings, handle correspondence, give notice of meetings, and
        the files and Post Office Box of the League. He/she shall also be
        responsible for accomplishing the Credential check at the Annual
        Meeting and organizing public relations and advertising needed
        to meet the
        League's registration goal.

        As the secretary you get to attend the board meetings, keep
        minutes and
        publish them. However, there is usually not that much involved
        the board meetings, so if you can spare one evening a month for
        the meetings
        plus a bit of time to send out the agenda, invite the board and
        the minutes you could help out the league a lot by being the

Tournament Director:

    If you look at the board positions you will see that this position
    is currently
    vacant. The reason is that we (the board) do not believe that we can
    run a successful tournament at the moment for reasons outside our
    control (access to the right fields, competition by the MHSC, etc).
    If there is interest in running a tournament by the league we can
    discuss this in more details at the AGM.

Greetings, Claudio

Claudio Fleiner, President, South San Jose Youth Soccer League

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