[SSJ-Coaches] Fall schedule is complete

Claudio Fleiner scheduler at ssjysl.org
Sat Sep 1 13:04:42 PDT 2012

Hello Coaches,

make sure you read this email*all the way to the end! *It contains vital
information for the upcoming season!

The schedule for all teams for this Fall is now available on our website
(check your team page for details).

*Rec teams*:

    if you play in the play-through league (U10G, U12 and older) please
    compare the schedule with the schedule on the d2rec website:
    http://d2rec.ssjysl.org/teams_leagues.shtml . If you find ANY
    difference between game times, fields etc please let me know ASAP so
    I can update the d2 website. (U6 and U8 teams please contact Mark
    Dorsi for schedule questions, u8 at ssjysl.org ).
    Note that your SSJ team page ONLY SHOWS HOME GAMES if you
    participate in the playthrough league, you can add the away games
    yourself by editing the team page.

*Comp teams*:

    please upload the schedule to the gotsoccer website. If you find
    that a game has not been scheduled for day, or you have a home game
    scheduled for a day where you don't have one please let me know ASAP
    (as long as the game is scheduled on our website you are responsible
    to pay the refs whether you play the game or not).
    New rule for Norcal game: no need to pay the refs on the field, they
    will be paid by check.

*All teams*:

    If you need to cancel, reschedule or schedule a game follow the
    instructions on this page: http://www.ssjysl.org/coach.shtml (under
    rescheduling games). If you need to move a game to a different day
    make sure to first coordinate with the opponent. Only if both teams
    agree can a game be moved to a different date. If you want to swap a
    game on a day with some other team ask them first, if all teams
    agree I will swap the games. Note: except on Oct 27 we do not have
    any free slots on Turf, so don't ask.

    If you cancel or move a game for the upcoming weekend after
    Thursday, 8pm, you will have to pay the referees anyway and before
    another game can be scheduled.

    It is possible that the schedule will change somewhat until Monday
    evening to fix potential errors. Consider it final after Monday
    evening (which means I will only move your games around after asking
    you if it is ok).

    Please check the game day check list before your first game:

    Very important points on that list:

      * Contact your opponent on the Monday before the game to make sure
        you agree on game time / field / rain out procedures / special
        rules for the field / jersey colors, this is MANDATORY if you
        play against a team from another league
      * U10 and older, all comp teams: Make sure to have your player AND
        coaches passes, otherwise you will not be allowed to play

    If you need to send me an email regarding scheduling it must be sent
    to scheduler at ssjysl.org, and it *MUST INCLUDE TEAM NAME, AGE AND
    GENDER IN THE SUBJECT*. About half of the teams still manage to send
    me emails with no useful subject, and missing information. You are
    wasting time that way as I have to send you back an email for more
    information (sometimes multiple times), or, more likely, I won't
    find the email again in the evening when going through all the
    updates of the day and your request will be lost. And in whatever
    form you try to contact me, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL (getting 20
    emails which all have the same subject is rather useless if I need
    to find a certain email)

    If you update your team webpage on the SSJ website please don't ask
    me for confirmation if that worked. Just open the edit page again,
    if the information is there it worked.

    If your playing league does not show a game for a particular weekend
    you have a bye for that weekend, no need to ask me if that is true.
    If you want to play a game anyway (especially rec teams) feel free
    to contact another team to see if they are willing and interested.
    If they are let me know and I will schedule the game.

Good luck!


P.S. if you add the special priority code 31415 to your email subject or
scheduling request I will answer your questions as quickly as possible
(and thanks for reading the email all the way to the end :-)

Please make sure to add team name, age, gender to the subject of any email you send

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