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In case you weren't aware already:

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*Please forward the following message to your teams ASAP!  Thanks!*
*****Only 2 more days to get Early Bird Pricing for U8-U11*****
*******Only 9 more days to get Early Bird Pricing for U12-U13*****
*****Only 11 more days to register a U14-U19 team without paying the
late fee*****

District 2 Presents the 2012 Fall Cup!
CYSA District 2 is now accepting applications for the 2012 Fall Cup. We
had over 540 teams apply last year! Come be part of one of the largest
tournaments in Northern California! 
Click here to apply:
****Do not miss the Early Bird discounted prices**** 
Group Play
Final & Consolation
Early Bird Fee
Regular Fee
Late Application Fee
2x20 min
2x25 min
$300 (to 9/6)
$425 (after 10/6)
2x25 min
2x30 min
$400 (to 9/13)
$550 (after 10/13)
2x30 min
2x35 min
$400 (to 8/30)
$550 (after 9/15)

U8-U11 play November 10th & 11th
U12-U13 play November 17th & 18th
U14-U19 play October 20th & 21st

Click here to apply:
More info.
* Gotsoccer registration, scheduling and fully integrated ranking

* Excellent fields

* No tournament check-in! Teams game check-in 30-45 minutes before each
game at the field.
* Final and Consolation games in all the divisions of 8 teams. Finals
only in all 6 team divisions.
* Pins for all participants

* Individual Medals to Finalists and Consolation game teams' players -
Team Trophies to 1st and 2nd place teams!

* Maximum 5 guests players allowed
* Coaching conflicts - we strive to resolving coaching conflicts for up
to 3 teams/coach
Click here to apply:
Questions?Contact the Tournament Director via email D2Cup at yahoo.com
<mailto:tournament at woodlandsoccerclub.com>

**PLEASE NOTE: Regular Season Games were NOT Scheduled in Coast or Bay
Regions on these District 2 Fall Cup Game Dates

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