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CYSA / Cal North D2 Board,

It is a very sad time in Central Valley YSL.
On March 23rd, 2013 the Central Valley Magic U12 Girl’s competitive team received word that their goalkeeper for the past 5 seasons, Maria Serratos, had been hospitalized and would not be playing in their game that day. 

Mariah was admitted to Valley Medical Center due to numbness and lack of strength in her legs. The following day she was transported to Stanford Children’s Hospital to run more tests as Valley Medical Center could not pinpoint the exact diagnosis but it appeared to be very serious. It didn’t take long and it turned out to be the worst case scenario. Mariah and her parents were informed that Mariah had suffered a spinal stroke and the stroke had left permanent damage, meaning she would be paralyzed for life. 

Mariah will never play soccer again, let alone stand up and go for a walk. Mariah (above) playing goalkeeper and doing what she loved. Mariah is a great student and wants to be the first in her family to attend college and graduate with a degree. Mariah’s very tragic situation and her strength, love and commitment to the game of soccer is inspiring and that is why CVYSL is asking for your help….. 

Please read the attached flyer, and forward to all teams in your league.  Any, and all help would be greatly appreciated!!




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