[SSJ-Coaches] game scheduling info

Claudio Fleiner scheduler at ssjysl.org
Thu Aug 15 16:11:26 PDT 2013

Hello Coaches,

if you prefer on some weekend a particular time window for your home
game please note this on your team webpage (edit the page, you will find
a section "Preferred Times").
If you are coaching two teams please mark them as related teams, so that
if both have a home game they will not be scheduled at the same time
(under "Team Information").
If you have any special requests regarding away teams you need to
contact the other team, there is nothing I can do about those games.

Note that I do not yet have the schedule information for the rec
playthrough games (U12 and older Rec Teams)

Please do not send me emails with special requests for scheduling your
team, but use the above two options instead.

If you need to move a home game please contact the other team and find
out what day would work, once you have a day let me know and I will try
to schedule it.

However: no games will be rescheduled until all games (Comp and Rec)
have been scheduled, so please hold those requests until in a week or
two (I will send out an email when I'm ready for those reschedules).

If you do need to send me an email regarding schedules please send it
ONLY to this email address: scheduler at ssjysl.org, and include team name,
age and gender in the subject
(under no circumstances should you just reply to this message, as then I
will just end up with dozens of emails with the same subject, which
makes it really hard to find yours....:)

Thanks, Claudio

Please make sure to add team name, age, gender to the subject of any email you send

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