[SSJ-Coaches] Referee / Game Scheduling Change Protocols & Ramifications

Kwame Akan kwameincali at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 30 12:21:45 PDT 2013

We are very excited about the coming Fall Season and would
like for all our teams to be successful.  In order to best serve our league our game scheduler and referee
scheduler have some policies that I need to share.

During the week of a particular game the game time and
location should not changed after Thursday 9 PM.
	* If a team cancels their game after Thursday
night 9 PM they will have to pay the league the cost of referees 
	* If an opponent cancels a game after Thursday
night 9 PM the opponent will have to pay the league the cost of referees
	* If a game time and/or location change happens after
Thursday night 9 PM, expect that there may be difficulty arranging
	* The League referee scheduler will do her best to
find referees for the rescheduled game
	* The cost of referees will have to be covered by
the team ( SSJYSL will not cover referees )

	* All owed monies will need to be paid before the
next weeks referees will be scheduled for your games
Kwame Akan
Coaches Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer
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