[SSJ-Coaches] Team registrations - DUE NOW!!!

Rosemary Alvarez disneysoccermom at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 13:15:00 PDT 2013


If you have not turned in your registrations for Fall soccer, please do it
now.  You have until Monday to get everything turned in or I will not
verify your team with CCSL, CRL and you will not be playing.

This was due three weeks ago.  I don't want to hear that families are on
vacation and you can't get it until later.  You have had since April to get
the majority of your team in.  If you don't know what player you are
putting on what team if you have multiple, you can still turn in
registrations and I can assign to a team at a later date.

If you have already turned in your stuff, Thank You!.


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