[SSJ-Coaches] SSJYSL Hosting F License Course - August 3rd

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I just received some updated information about the course that I would like to share.  First, the instructor would like the course to take place on just one day which will be August 3rd.  

Here is the schedule:
Classroom 8:30-10:00 AM

Field 10:00-2:30 PM
Remember that this course is being provided at not cost to coaches and there is limited space.  

Please email me back if you are interested and I will add your name to the course roster.  


Kwame Akan

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Dear Coaches,

South San Jose Youth Soccer League will be hosting an F coaching license course on August 2nd.    As part of our effort to have the most
qualified coaches and to educate coaches who will have in our league we would
like to encourage as much participation as possible.  These courses are vital to sustaining our
league and providing the proper training to players in our league.  

The F license course is for coaches who need to get their
first coaching license.  This license is
required for coaches that are going to coach competitive teams.  If you are a coach of a recreational team and
believe that you will coach a competitive team, I suggest you take this course
prior to moving to competitive level soccer.  If you are an assistant on a competitive team without a coaching license
I suggest you take this course.  This
course will take place over two days starting Friday, August 2nd and
finishing on Saturday, August 3rd.
If you require any additional information, please respond to
this email.  I will follow with
additional information on location of the course.  Take the opportunity 
to familiarize yourself with the calnorth website where they can provide additional coaching information at http://www.calnorth.org/coaching/ .


Kwame Akan
Coaches Director SSJYSL 
coaches at ssjysl.org
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