[SSJ-Coaches] First games scheduled

Claudio Fleiner scheduler at ssjysl.org
Thu Mar 21 22:46:17 PDT 2013

Hello Coaches,

the games for the weekend of March 30 have been scheduled. Comp coaches:
please upload the game information to gotsoccer.com (sorry, I don't know
how, but you should have gotten an email with that information).

Please note that the cancellation policy is that you have to cancel a
game before Thursday 8pm, otherwise you will have to pay the referees

In order to cancel or reschedule a game please go to your teams webpage
(where you will also find the scheduled games) and use the appropriate

For away games please consult the playing league website you play in.
Also make sure to always contact the other team several days before the
game to sync up  on day/time/place/rain-out info, etc.

For any questions regarding home game schedule send an email to
scheduler at ssjysl.org, include team name, age, gender in the subject line
please. For any other questions please contact the the respective board
member: http://www.ssjysl.org/board.shtml

Thanks, Claudio

Please make sure to add team name, age, gender to the subject of any email you send

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