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Remember Spring passes are not valid at this tournament.  You should also
not be cancelling your spring league games to go play in a tournament.

Food for thought.


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Barcelona Bay Area

Copa Primavera 2013 
U8-U19 Boys and Girls - (All Levels)

EASTER SPECIAL $50/off Through March 31st, Please use voucher EASTERZXRBWS when applying.

Bronze/Silver/Gold tournament that will take place on the April 27-28, 2013 Weekend. Games will be played at the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex. Very high quality turf and grass fields in Morgan Hill, CA. The tournament is open to all U8-U19 B/G teams - All Levels
US Club Sanctioned, CYSA, AYSO passes.

Maximum number of guests allowed – 5 players.
Late registration penalty $75

Application Deadline: April 11th, 2013
Regular registration fees:
U8-U10 - $400
U11 - $475
U12-U19 - $575

Register here:


Contact the Tournament Director for more information: Todd Kimble

tournaments at barcabayarea.com

The April 27-28  date is considered a valid tournament weekend meaning you can
validly reschedule your league games from that weekend to participate in the

When: April 27th and 28th

Where: Morgan Hill Sports complex
           Morgan Hill, CA



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