[SSJ-Coaches] Randol School - Issues - Permit starts at 9:00 AM

Eric Simons ricklions at att.net
Mon Sep 23 20:15:10 PDT 2013

Coaches I have been receiving complaints from the San Jose Unified School District regarding the time coaches and players are arriving at Randol school for warm ups and setting up of the field.  Our permit for Randol starts at 9:00 AM. 

This past weekend teams were at the site at 8:00 AM for warm ups and setting up the field.  We had another complaint regarding how early activities are starting there. The complaint 
that we are starting games at 8:00 AM is not correct, but just setting up and warm up is 
still not acceptable.  I think if the coaches had been getting their players there and setting up 30 minutes before game time this may not been a issue with the neighbors.  But, one hour before game time is to early and we need therefor to eliminate 
this problem altogether.

I have asked Claudio to move the numerous other games scheduled 
for 9:00 AM start at Randol, move them and the entire days schedule if 
necessary, or the 9:00 games are to be canceled to insure we do not have issues with the neighbors.  All our first games at Randol to be moved to a 9:30 start time.  This will more in keeping with our permit at the Randol site.  There is one game schedule there this Saturday at 9:00 AM,  SSJ No Fear,  with no other SSJYSL games scheduled after there until the afternoon.  Claudio, you may need to check with Barcelona to see what there schedule is for Randol and work with them to make sure this problem is eliminated.  Another alternative is to move the 9:00 AM game to Oak Ridge #2.

Our next game scheduled for 9:00 AM, is not until October 12th so there is plenty of time to coordinate the other 9:00 AM games to be played there for the remainder of the season. 

Coaches, players and parents are not to be on site setting up the field or warming up the players before 9:00 AM on any Saturday or Sunday.  Make sure the teams you are playing understand they are not to be on site until 9:00 AM.

Eric (Rick) Simons
Fields Director
ricklions at att.net
(408) 227-4163
Soccer Line
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