[SSJ-Coaches] Fw: Randol issues - Parking, late practices and clean up

Eric Simons ricklions at att.net
Tue Sep 24 15:56:09 PDT 2013

Sue, I am not aware of any "bouncy equipment" set up on the basketball court by anyone associated with SSJYSL.  Our league has not coordinated with 
any outside vendors to use Randol for any activities.  Could you provide more information on the day and time this occurred?
Heath, do you know anything about this?

I will send this return e-mail to you to all of coaches regarding the street parking andthe using of the school's parking lot.

The heated argument that you mentioned.  Was this with a neighbor with a  parent or coach, coach on coach, coach with referee?  Please clarify.

Which day was the late practice being held?  I check each SSJYSL teams 
practice schedule and only one team has a practice that is to end at 
7:30 PM and they are there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If necessary I will have all of our teams that practice there end their practices at 7:00 PM should this continue.  I have sent out a 
e-mail to all coaches to be off the site at dusk per the permit.  They 
were also told not to stay around the area when practice was over.  

The below e-mail was sent Sept. 7th all SSJYSL coaches.  I will send this again as a reminder along with your e-mail.

Sent Sept. 7th - 

I have received complaints from the San Jose Unified School District regarding the soccer activities that take place at Randol School.

Coaches your teams should have your practices completed by sunset and everyone 
should leave the area shortly thereafter.  Neighbors are complaining 
that adults stay well beyond sunset and talk in the street area and 
allow numerous children to be unsupervised and controlled around the school and immediate area.

Our permit expires at dusk at the Randol School and everyone associated with our soccer program should leave the school and immediate area. 

We start games today at Randol and other league game fields. 

NO NOISE MAKERS ARE ALLOW TO BE USED AT ANY OF OUR FIELDS by our teams or any visiting teams. 

Please insure that you pickup after your team and inform your parents 
to pickup after themselves and not to dispose of any items on the 

Coaches although some of you do not have games or 
practices at Randol you must remember that at every practice and game field location we need to insure that we respect the surrounding neighbors 
and the facilities we are using.  I do not want to lose any permits that we have at any of the facilities we are now using.  Your cooperation and that 
of your team parents would be appreciated.

Eric (Rick) Simons
SSJYSL Fields Director
ricklions at att.net
(408) 227-4163
Soccer Line


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Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 10:46 AM
Subject: Re: Randol issue

Thanks Rick.  You are correct in that if the permit says 9 a.m. that means nobody should be there until 9 a.m.  They may not arrive any earlier to start setting up, etc. so I agree that the first game should be moved to 9:30 a.m. so you have 30 minutes to set up.  If you need more time than that, please move the first game to a later time.

Heath and Rick,
I've attached a few pictures I received as well.     The first picture shows some kind of bouncy equipment set up on the basketball courts.  Your permit is for soccer practices and games on the field only.   No outside vendors can be brought onto our sites, that includes their property as well.  Please don't allow such things again.   The second picture shows the street parking.  The comment was that the school parking lot was almost empty but all the cars were parked on the street anyway.    The third picture shows some trash closeby the soccer goals which tells me this is the area you play in so this area needs a bit more attention.  I don't expect you to clean the fields but just the area you play in.   The fourth is a video and you really can't see anything because it's so dark so I don't hold much stock in this but she says she is looking at kids on the soccer field still and you can hear noise from the fields as well.  Even if games are
 not going on this late, please make sure you are the last ones to leave the field, taking all remaining people with you.  

I had one of  my security people out there on Saturday and he said nobody was there early but then it rained later that day so he didn't go out on Sunday, thinking no teams would show up.   One of the neighbors said teams did show up later on in the day on Saturday and they did play.  Back to Sunday, people showed up  at 7:40 a.m. and they played on that grass, after that rain on Saturday.  A canopy or tent went up that said Barcelona Bay Area.  A heated argument (according to a neighbor) took place with one of the coaches.  

If you can move the practices and games to the center of the fields so it is away from neighborhood houses, that might help the noise level a bit.  Put another note out to everybody telling them to utilize the school parking lot, every single stall, before they move onto the street, field side, for parking.  Spend more time on trash pick up, both on the fields and along the sidewalks where the cars have parked In case the kids drop their trash before they get into their cars.  

Just as a heads up, I might have to change your end time to sunset, not dusk, which will get you off the field about 30 minutes earlier than you end time now.

I'm really hoping these measures take care of the problem and nothing else needs to happen.  Thanks for all your efforts.  Now, we'll just wait and see what happens.


Sue Avila
Facilities and Community Services
San Jose Unified School District
408-535-6712 or ex. 17012
Fax  408-535-2300

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass . . . it's about learning how to dance in the rain."   Vivian Greene
From: Rick <ricklions at att.net>
Reply-To: Rick <ricklions at att.net>
Date: Monday, September 23, 2013 7:39 PM
To: Rosemary Alvarez <registrar at ssjysl.org>
Cc: "SSJYSL Scheduler (Claudio Fleiner)" <scheduler at ssjysl.org>, SJUSD Staff <savila at sjusd.org>, Richard Sieber <rsieber45 at yahoo.com>, David Serrano <ddddx4 at att.net>, Christine Alves <refassignor at ssjysl.org>
Subject: Re: Randol issue

The permit starts at 9:00 AM for our use of Randol.    

Rosemary, this may be the same neighbor that has sent in numerous complaints to the San Jose Unified School District regarding Randol.  The complaint that we are starting games at 8:00 AM, which, from your comments, it seems maybe just set up and warm up is still not acceptable.  I think if the coaches were getting their players there 30 minutes before game time, would have not been a issue.  But, one hour before game time is to early and we need therefor to eliminate this problem.

Claudio,  we have numerous other games scheduled for 9:00 AM start at Randol, move them and the entire days schedule if necessary, or the 9:00 games are to be canceled to insure we do not have issues with the neighbors.  Set all our first games at Randol to a 9:30 start time.  This will more in keeping with our permit at the Randol site.

I will send out a e-mail letting coaches know that they are not to be on site until after 9:00 AM on either Saturdays or Sundays.

Eric (Rick) Simons
SSJYSL Fields Director
ricklions at att.net
(408) 227-4163
Soccer Line

 From: Rosemary Alvarez <registrar at ssjysl.org>
To: Eric Simons <ricklions at att.net> 
Sent: Monday, September 23, 2013 1:12 PM
Subject: Randol issue

SSJ had games out at Randol this past Sunday.  Games started at 9 but teams were there between 8 and 9 for warmups and setting up field.  1 neighbor was  complaining.
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