[SSJ-Coaches] Schedule for first weekend is set

Claudio Fleiner scheduler at ssjysl.org
Sat Mar 22 11:54:10 PDT 2014

Hello Coaches,

if you coach a U8 or U6 Rec team please ignore this email, those games
are scheduled by the U8 director.

All others: read this email all the way to the end please, to avoid
asking me questions that are answered here (I tend to ignore those
emails :) ....

Note: I do not have the time to work on the schedule and instead my son
Lukas is doing it. He originally assumed that this would be something
trivial to do (like some coaches....) but now realized that there are
way more constraints to take into account (sprinkled over about 20
emails, sometimes with contradictory information) than expected. For the
first weekend it took a few tries, but now it should be all set. Note
that any emails re schedule need to be sent to  scheduler at ssjysl.org so
that he gets a copy, do not use any other email address, and as he is
currently for one year in Europe answers might take some time due to
different time zones.

Important Information:

 1. to move a game to a different day you need to first get the
    permission of the other team. Once you have it use the
    cancel/reschedule button and enter the required info
 2. if you cancel a game after 8pm Thursday or without using the cancel
    button you are still liable for the referee pay.
 3. Not all fields are available on all days or at all times (we share
    some fields with other organizations)
 4. Comp Teams: you need to upload the schedule to the gotsoccer.com
    website (I will add the missing fields over the weekend)
 5. Rec Teams: you need to check that the d2rec.ssjysl.org website has
    the same schedule as your team page on ssjysl.org (the former is
    used by your opponent, the later to schedule refs, you will have a
    better game experience if the two match :)
 6. Usually on Wednesday you will get an email about the upcoming games
    (at least the home games). If there is a mistake it is up to you to
    correct it and let the scheduler know
 7. Do not ask to move a game around until all the weekends have been
    scheduled. First dip on the turf field goes to the teams that have a
    game scheduled on that day, only then can you ask for a game to be
    moved to that day
 8. Make sure to contact your opponent a few days before the game, so
    you agree when and where your game will be and what special rules
    apply (parking, rain-out policy, jersey colors)

Good luck,

- Claudio

Please make sure to add team name, age, gender to the subject of any email you send

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