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Don't forget for your home games, you will pay the refs CASH on the field
at the end of each game. Do not give a check.  Go to the SSJ website and
look under referees payscale to see what it cost for a ref in your age

Cash should be in 3 separate envelopes with AR written on two envelopes and
CR on the third.  Place cash in envelope and seal.  Give to refs at the end
of the game.
If you do not pay them properly you will not have refs at your future games.

Make sure you print two game cards for your home games and it does not hurt
to print them for the away game just in case.  Also do not print these
weeks in advance.  They must be printed a day or two ahead of the game in
case a player receives a red card.  You will than see their name crossed

You need to have player passes.  If you are missing some let me know.  I am
working as fast as I can to get this all out to you by Friday.

Be sure you are watching your schedule for any errors and report them to
Scheduler at ssjysl.org.  They have the schedule through April 19th done.

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