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This is for all coaches playing in the playthrough league.  Please read
again if this is a duplicate.  This is how you will find your games home
and away.  You should have a game every week.  If you are only looking on
SSJ webpage for your team you are missing half your schedule.  If you need
help, please call this week.

Playthrough applies to U10, U12 and U14 teams.


 Hello coaches,

Thanks for stepping up as a coach! Highly appreciated.

As you may have noticed you have a webpage for your team now on our
website. You must edit this page and keep it up to date with coaches and
manager contact info, and information for your parents:

   - It will show all your home game (you must check that the scheduled
   games correspond to the play league schedule, and you will find the away
   games on the playthrough league page, see further down)
   - You and your parents get a link that can be used with many calendar
   applications: it will automatically add games and practice sessions to the
   calendar. You might want to let your parents know.
   - You can create a mailing list for your parents using your team
   webpage, and older teams can also create one for their players.
   - You can upload up to two large and one small picture. One of the large
   pictures is randomly chosen for the front page!
   - Any coach, assistant coach and team manager listed is automatically
   added to our mailing lists and will get emails for game changes, coaches
   info, etc. Make sure to keep that data up-to-date!
   - Make sure your parents are aware of this page so they know where to
   find important information
   - For help with editing the webpage click here:

The playthrough league is run by the District and is where U10 and older
teams will play in Spring as we do not have enough teams within the league
for an in-house league.

*If you coach a U10 or older team please read on*:

In order to get ready for the season please read this page:
http://d2rec.ssjysl.org/teaminfo.shtml and enter the relevant contact
information for you and at least one other person as described under "Team
Contact Info". It is VERY IMPORTANT that you enter email address and a
phone number so that you can be contacted on short notice if necessary
(rain outs, rescheduling, etc).

If you find a mistake with the age group and/or gender of your team please
contact Rosemary so this can be fixed. You will get an email with more
information from Sandra (she runs the play-through league) soon.

If you have any question regarding the SSJ webpage please let me know, for
any questions regarding registration please contact Rosemary (
registrar at ssjysl.org), for anything else please contact (rec at ssjysl.org)
for U10 and older.

Good Luck!

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