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Not sure if you have heard this memo.
I think Rick mention we have no Nor Cal teams in our league, so this may not be a issue.
Rosemary !  Can you let us know if all the leagues have player passes,  rec & comp that you are aware of?
David Serrano

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Dear Referees,

This morning NorCal sent out this e-mail to all it's clubs, teams and officials:

US Club Passes 

US Club is working through new website issues. They have provided NorCal with the following memo to allow players to play this weekend if their pass is not ready but had been requested by Thursday March 13th. 

Process for using the Memo and Temp roster:


2) Teams should let their opponent know that they are playing a player whose pass is not yet ready due to the US Club Soccer website issue. 

3) Teams should bring a filled out US Club medical release, copy of birth certificate, and a copy of the memo and temporary US Club Roster below. 

4) Teams could bring an old US Club pass (if you have one) or other form of picture ID (school ID, other soccer pass), or have your opponent take a picture of the player missing a pass and send it to Jason at norcalpremier.com. If their ends up being an issue this will allow us to check the player pass once it is ready. 

We will keep you up-to-date as the information becomes available to me.  I have attached 3 links for your review so please familiar yourself with them.

Thank you

The referee coordinators 
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