[SSJ-Coaches] Schedule For Season

Claudio Fleiner claudio at fleiner.com
Mon Mar 31 08:59:43 PDT 2014

Hello everyone,

the first version of the schedule for the complete season is now online.
There have already been some last minute field closures (for example
Gunderson next Saturday). Some, but not all of the rescheduling requests
have been already taking into account. If you have open requests please
use the 'Reschedule button' on your teams website, do not just send an
email (the button makes sure that ALL the important information is sent,
and it also automatically removes the game from the schedule.

Be aware that we really only have Gunderson Turf for a 11v11 field that
has open slots, if you request a time for a reschedule that is already
taken on that field the only available option is almost certainly Bernal
Oval. If you have a conflict with another game you might be better off
checking if the other game can be moved. We have a bit more flexibility
for the 8v8 games.

Rec Teams: the schedule is being uploaded to the d2rec website and
should be available there by tomorrow. As before once the games are up
please check that they have the same time and place as the SSJYSL
website (the latter one is the one that counts).

Please let me know if you have any questions,

thanks, Claudio

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