[SSJ-Fields] Game schedule now edited by FC

Claudio Fleiner claudio at fleiner.com
Tue Apr 17 16:57:26 PDT 2007

Hi everyone,

last evening the board decided to simplify the rescheduling process by
allowing FC to edit the schedule for their fields on the web. As any change
automatically triggers an email to the affected coaches/managers and the
referee scheduler you don't need to reply to any rescheduling request as
long as you just make the change on the web.

I created a web page that explains how to edit the schedule (it works
exactly the same way as editing the practice schedule, except that you have
to find the correct day using the game schedule menu). You need the same
password as the one you use to edit your field page.

The web page is here: http://www.ssjysl.org/schedule_edit.shtml

Note that the Field Director and the assistant field directors
can edit any schedule (useful in an emergency).

Also: if a game is canceled after 10pm on Thursday the coach will
most likely have to pay the referees, but please update the
schedule anyway, the payment of referees is the coaches problem,
not yours.

Additionally, I created a mailing list for field coordinators: any email
sent to ssj-fields at ssjysl.org will be sent to all field coordinators and
assistant field coordinators. You can also look at the archive here:
http://www.ssjysl.org/pipermail/ssj-fields/ (rather empty at the moment).

Any questions please let me know,

Greetings, Claudio

Claudio Fleiner                                          claudio at fleiner.com

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