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KAREN BEUERLEIN tknolans at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 4 17:06:51 PST 2008

a couple people have requested to bring spouses to the board dinner and paying separately.  I think this is a lovely idea as our spouses have alos contributed much to the league and would probably like to meet the folks they have heard so much about (always in a positive light, I am certain).  Chantal, would there be any problem with paying the bill in total and collecting cash from the spouses?  Any objections?  PLease let me know if you would like to include a spouse.  I will get things rolling tomorrow but I think I can give a final headcount on the seventh.

KAREN BEUERLEIN <tknolans at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
    I spoke with BJs Brewhouse today.  They have space for us on 1/12/07 @ 5:30 but I have to move fairly quickly to make this happen.  BJs requires that we use their event menu for a party larger than 19 ( a number that we are near if not exceeding).  This means we would choose from a buffet style menu for our group and pay a per person rate.  In order to confirm this I need to sign a contract quickly.  If we are less than 19 then we order from the menu.  As such, I need a firm head count quicker than the original date of 1/7.  Please reply by tomorrow or I am open for other suggestions of resteraunts.  Attached is the event menu.
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