[SSJ-Fields] changes to SSJYSL website

Claudio Fleiner (SSJYSL) rec at ssjysl.org
Mon Jul 28 23:47:24 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I made several changes to the website you might want to know about:
New features for teams:*

    * You need to enter a password now before you can even see the team
      edit page. Once you enter the password you can edit your teams
      page for about an hour before you need to enter the password again.
    * You can now delete images from your teams webpage (and as an added
      bonus you will see which image you are going to delete).
    * Teams can create mailing lists on their teams webpage to email
      parents and players (there are two different mailing lists). Only
      coaches and parents can use those mailing lists (once teams enter
      the email addresses it will take a few hours for the mailing lists
      to become active). The email addresses use the teams name, as in
      ssj-skyhawks-96B-parents at ssjysl.org. There is also an address to
      reach the teams coaching staff (coaches, assistant coaches and
      manager), namely ssj-skyhawks-96B-coaches at ssjysl.org. Note that
      teams have to manage those mailing lists, the league does not
      enter or control the email addresses of your parents.
    * If your team has been asked to do field maintenance on a field it
      will show up in your teams schedule and your teams calendar

*New features for field coordinators:*

    * Select teams for field maintenance (one team per week, you can
      select from the teams that have practice scheduled on your field
      or have games scheduled on your field).
    * You can now see which teams are on the waiting list for your field
      (teams can select up to three fields on which they would like to
    * You can select the age group for teams that play games on your
      pitches. This will minimize the teams showing up in the game
      scheduling page and make it easier to use it.

*Other changes:*

    * The game scheduling page now allows schedulers to select the
      interval for game start times (default is 30min, 15min and 10min
      are options)
    * News entries for the front page can now be set to also show up on
      each teams schedule. This is meant primarily for league events
      like opening day

Note that the help pages have not yet been updated to show the new features.

If you have any questions please drop me an email.

Greetings, Claudio

Claudio Fleiner, Rec Director, SSJYSL, rec at ssjysl.org

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