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Kurt Kanavel airkanavel at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 23 23:57:51 PDT 2007

SSJYSL Community

As you know Gunderson High School has been a major partner in our ability to
offer great playing fields, both turf and grass, to our players and there guest
and has allowed us to step into a position where we, with proper care can
utilize these fields for years to come. If you remember, it wasn't to long ago
that the door to gaining any access to those playing fields was shut and
locked. This all changed when Cary Catching the Principle at Gunderson and her
Athletic Director PJ Daley decided to go against the grain and change what was
a long standing tradition for Almaden's Youth Soccer League and let us begin to
form a new partnership with the school regarding fields and the gym. I'm
delighted to say that the overwhelming response to having these new fields and
facilities has been tremendous.

Cary has asked our help on two very important issues. As many of you know
Gunderson is now in the final stages of procuring lights for the Football
Stadium after months of public hearings. On Tuesday May 8th at 6:30 at the San
Jose Unified School District office on Lenzen avenue there will be a final vote
by the Board on approving lights for Gunderson. She is looking for a show of
force at this meeting and would like to have at least 30 coaches or parents
from our league to be on hand to support this proposition. If this passes it
means that instead of having a limited schedule on Saturdays because of
football in the Fall it opens up EVERY Saturday for our league to play soccer
on the turf because football will now be played on Friday nights under the
lights. Please mark this date and time on your calendar.

And lastly, because of budget constraints many projects at the school had to
be put on hold for lack of funding. I have asked Cary if there was anything
that we as a soccer community could do to help, and there is. The snack bar at
the turf field is in extremely poor condition and needs a major overhaul. I
would like to know if you would be willing to give up some of your valuable
time to help Gunderson get up to speed with this much needed project. Our
soccer professionals would be in charge of making sure that the inside of this
snack bar was completed before Football season begins. I would need carpenters,
electricians, plumbers, cabinet makers, sheetrockers and tapers, painters, and
of course anyone who would like to contribute to this worthy cause. Cary and PJ
would like to meet out at the turf field snack bar sometime next week and take
a walk through the snack bar looking for ideas. There will be no permits or
inspections so it should go by very quickly. I will also need a Building
Coordinator or GC who will take the lead. I know this soccer community has some
very talented professionals in the construction industry. Please let me know if
you can assist on this project.

Working together we can build great friendships that will benefit our
community for years to come.

Kurt Kanavel
Field Director
South San Jose Youth Soccer League

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