[SSJ-Info] Support, Behavior and Coach Suspension

Semone, Jeff jeff.semone at stryker.com
Fri Sep 30 22:06:15 PDT 2011

League Parents,
            I'm writing this email to you to thank you for 2 things: first for all the support you showed Thursday evening at the public comment call at Allen at Steinbeck school for the proposed new artificial turf fields there and second for your assistance in keeping our kids, coaches, and referees safe.

Toward that end, I am letting you know that one of our league's coaches was suspended for several games following his dissent to a Referee which resulted in the coach's ejection and an early end to the game.  Following that ejection, several parents attempted to enter the field (the pitch).  The Assistant Referee (who was fortunately an adult rather than the kids we often have on the sidelines) was able to convince all but one person to return to their side of the field.  The one man went toe-to-toe with the referee attempting to incite him. Fortunately there was no more violence...this time.

This type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. The man (who is a parent) is also suspended from being allowed to show up at several games. A truly unfortunate thing for a game that should be fun. These behaviors set the wrong example for the kids and result in creating an unsafe environment.

You need to be aware that touching a referee is assault, for which we have told referees to call the police immediately.  The subsequent report will be the first piece of evidence at a California Youth Review Board (which would follow any legal proceedings) and if we determine the individual who touched the referee has a child in the league, the child will be ejected from the league for at least 1 year under the CYSA rules.

Also, under the Laws of the Game, "the referee has the authority to take disciplinary sanctions, from the moment he enters the field of play until he leaves the field of play after the final whistle. "  You may interpret this as referees are allowed to continue to issue cards to players following a game and/or take actions against coaches/managers even after a game ends. In fact, they are instructed to do so as a way to stop potentially bad things from happening at future events.

Yelling bad things to and at the referees is unproductive and only serves to make it more difficult for the league to find people willing to referee.  We have a shortage of adult referees already - if you would like to be a part of the solution, let me know and I'll help you get signed up for the next class.

Please, when you're at games, make only positive comments about how the kids are doing, say nothing about the refereeing of the game, restrain yourselves from coaching the kids on how to play (which is against the rules) and simply enjoy the game.  This is in the spirit of the "No Tolerance" Policy CYSA maintains and that every child and at least one of their parents was supposed to sign before playing their first game this season.  The coaches are to maintain that document over the season.

Let's all remember to respect each other, be kind, courteous and to honor the game and all the great things it has to offer.  Thanks so much for your support as we work together to bring a great experience to our children.


Jeff Semone
President SSJYSL (& Referee)

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