[SSJ-Info] SSJ Academy Little Kickers Soccer: Ages 2, 3, 4 or 5 Years Old

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South San Jose Youth Soccer League in partnership with US Sports Coaching is delighted to announce its new Kicker program for players aged 2, 3 and 4 years old: The SSJ Academy Kickers Program. With our recent introduction of player development program models at U6 and U8, along with Professionally coached Competitive Teams in the academy, plus professional trainer coaching clinics, we are now offering a new form of child experience. Young children get to experience soccer at a young age to fall in love with the game.

Kickers Program Information
*  Players and parents can be on the field together to take the first steps in soccer
*  All sessions cover dribbling, passing and shooting
*  All sessions revolve around fun!
*  All sessions are covering basic motor skills: balance, foot and hand movement, changing direction and more
*  The session is in 4 stations and the players rotate round each one for 10 minutes and also get free time at the end
*  Professional trainers are on hand to guide the session and engage the children to play
*  Equipment is designed for smaller players, with size 1 soccer balls, tunnels, hoops, mini goals and foam obstacles
*  Take pictures and videos. Invite grandparents and family. Everybody can enjoy the experience.

Dates: September 14th - November 16th
Times: 9am - 10am
Location: Martin Murphy, 7200 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose
Players Ages: Players aged 2, 3 and 4
Benefits: Program T-‐shirt, Certificate and Group photo
Cost: $60 (reduced from $110

Please contact ssjacademy at ussportscoaching.com<mailto:ssjacademy at ussportscoaching.com> with any questions.

Or visit www.ussportscoaching.com/programs<http://www.ussportscoaching.com/programs> to sign up.



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