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Schedule for Saturday, May 11, 2013 ( sunset and sunrise 6:02 - 8:07 )

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Gunderson Turf [edit]SSJ Vipers (BU14 C)SSJ Hot Tamales (GU16 C)C4D_1997GC4A_1998GSSJ Titans Red 01 (BU13 C)
Oakridge Pitch 1 [edit]SSJ Michael Guldner (BU12 R)C3D_2002GSSJ KnockOuts (GU12 R)C3D_2003G
Oakridge Pitch 2 [edit]C3B_2003BC3B_2003GSSJ Academy 04B Blue (BU10 C)SSJ Lightning Bolts (GU12 R)C4C_2002G
Stratford U6 [edit]C4G_2006C - C4C_2006CC4D_2006C - C4B_2006CC4F_2006C - C4A_2006CC4H_2006C - C4E_2006C
Stratford U8 2 [edit]C4G_2004B - C4B_2004BSSJ Cosmos (BU10 R)
SSJ Tsunami (BU10 R)
SSJ Dynamites (BU10 R)
SSJ Dragons (BU10 R)
SSJ Bill Reulman (BU10 R)
SSJ Falcons (BU10 R)
SSJ Shining Stars (GU10 R)SSJ Tornadoes (GU10 R)C4D_2004G
Santa Teresa Turf [edit]C4C_2000BC4B_1996GSSJ FC Force (GU17 C)
(NR) No refs will be scheduled for this game.
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